Making Your Milestones Magical

Astonishment Unlimited is the booking service for Jack Skrip, Western Canada's original Astonishment Artist.

Jack specializes in providing distinctive, engaging, astonishing entertainment for milestone events -- from corportate milestones such as year-end banquets, conventions, and awards shows to personal milestones such as weddings, anniversaries, retirements, and birthdays.

Jack's astonishment artistry is ideal for

At Astonishment Unlimited, our focus is on connecting clients with clean, enjoyable, distinctive entertainment best-suited to the needs of their events. Jack provides a variety of performance options and works closely with his clients to customize his performances to make their milestones magical and memorable.


Close-Up Magic

Magical MC

Wedding Magic

Call (780) 577-1739 to find out how to make your next milestone magical and memorable with entertainment from Jack Skrip.